Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Wish

I wish chocolate pudding had negative calories.
I wish Adam understood my need to eat his cereal. 
I wish my belly didn't look like a chew toy. 
I wish they still sold chocolate pretzel ice cream.
I wish my leg hairs would stop growing back.
I wish Jude would put me down for a nap for a change. 
I wish Volvo's were more reliable than Honda's so I could justify buying one. 
I wish Jude wouldn't poop 50 times a day.
I wish Jude wouldn't run away the second I open his poopy diapers. 
I wish Adam's facial scruff would stop making me break out.
I wish they'd stop sprinkling yummy cold cuts with cancer. 
I wish I hadn't eaten brownies for dinner.
I wish New Girl was on every night. 
I wish I had a steak. 
I wish there was a Starbucks outside my window every morning. 
I wish my hair would cut itself. 
I wish Pinterest would stop making me feel either fat or hungry. 
I wish elves would stop making my bathroom messy during the night. 
I wish Jude didn't think throwing his food on the ground warranted hysterical laughter. 
I wish I could watch Mean Girls every day. 
I wish Dr. Pepper wasn't bad for me. 

The above was an impromptu meeting up with Adam for lunch at Starbucks. 
Jude and I loves that he works so close!


  1. I wish several of the same things... For your sake I wish Jude would stop running away when you try to change his poopy diaper. But I do wish Dr. Pepper was good for me!

  2. haha I totally agree and second you on the chew toy stomach...maybe someday I will look normal again but I doubt it :)

  3. What the??? You have those messy bathroom elves too?? Pesky little devils.

    And amen to chocolate pudding, leg hair, New Girl, Starbucks, and self-cutting hair. :)


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