Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'll do my best

Today is obviously Sunday and this day is very dear to me for more than one reason. It's a holy day which God hallowed from the beginning, and I fully believe that there is a greater abundance of the Spirit on Sundays. Usually on this holy day, I find myself meditating on spiritual matters and that of my family. 
The older and more aware that Jude becomes the more unprepared and inadequate I feel in teaching him what he needs to know to thrive both temporally and spiritually.
Do any of you just feel like kids trying to raise kids?
I feel as though my own mother was so focused, wise, mature, and well-read on how to teach her children, and I always just thought that that talent would come to me once they placed the little dude in my arms. Maybe it has, maybe it hasn't--and maybe it's just going to be a wonderful mix of intuition and hard work/trial and error. Either way, one thing is clear: 
I am shaping a life. 
Which, ahem, both scares me to hopeless pieces and moves me to immense gratitude and joy. 
Phew. I can do this. 
John said, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." 
Dear John: I share the same desire. 
Dear Jude: Don't be too hard on your old mom. She's trying here. 
I'm so excited for the years to come. And hopefully, I will find that teaching my sweet boy what he needs to know will be a gradual process and I won't wake up one day and find out that he turned 18 and doesn't know how to wash his socks. 

Have a great week, everyone! 

p.s. which picture do you like better? I'm trying to decide which one to frame :) 


  1. Brit, you are gorgeous... also i have those shoes:) I love the second picture! Frame it for sure. I have been thinking about these same things lately... even without any little ones, I ask myself.. how can I prepare now? I have been thinking a lot about how much I love my parents and what GREAT parents they truly are. And yes, kids raising kids! I am pretty sure phil and jess feel this way too!

  2. I'm not a mom but I'm a nanny and I usually spend more time with the kids than their parents so I can relate a little. I love how you say "shaping a life." So profound and so true.

    By the way, I LOVE these pictures and I LOVE your style. I need you to pick out a wardrobe for me. You definitely need to frame the second picture. The focus is more of you and Jude in that one. :)

  3. i'm with you, sundays are definitely my favorite...i love how restful and peaceful and joy-filled they are. those pictures of your sunday story time are precious.

    and kids raising kids...yesiree. I'm right there with you, especially as our boys are learning more about the world around them and creating habits of they interact with those around them. thank goodness we have the gospel and our mother's intuition :) YOU are an incredible mom britney!

    hmmmm...i'm no help because i love both photos! i'd frame both and display them one above the other, like on the blog :) BUT if i HAD to pick one ;) the second would be it. the light on your faces is beautiful.


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