Tuesday, July 31, 2012


You know that moment when you've just exhaled and have no more breath in your lungs, but all-of-a-sudden someone says something hilarious and you have no possible ability to laugh normally?--so all you can do is inhale so forcefully that everyone in the room startles and wonders if they remember how to do the heimlich? 
Ok, maybe not. But it happens to me on a pretty regular basis because the little dude in my life catches me off guard so often with his hilarious quirkiness. Here's a compilation of the reasons why I am nearly always lightheaded. 


  1. YES! your little jude dude looks like he provides you with the best entertainment!...loooove those gray sweats...watermelon & chocolate covered icecream bars, he's got good taste...peeping tom (cute shower curtain btw!)...and his bitter-beer face in the last pic, i die. :)

  2. This kid is TOO much fun! The bandaids, shower peeking, cute bum PJs, pillows all over the floor. You guys rock my world

  3. He is SO cute!! That last little face is AMAZING!!! I want to just pinch his cute little cheeks!


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