Thursday, June 23, 2011


Awkwards and Awesomes from our trip back east
-Mother nature deciding I needed my monthly gift during my long day traveling to PA--while I of course was wearing white pants. Thank goodness I will never see any of those people again. 
-Seeing an old boyfriend from high school I haven't talked to since high school. Oh...uh...hi! You're still finishing up school? Cool. I'm married with a baby.
-The current residents of Philadelphia. 
-When the waitresses of cocktail hour didn't bring around the same AMAZING hors d'œuvres twice = new Hors d'œuvres circulating every minutes = eating every-single one offered (mind you, there were probably over 20), and actually seeking out those I haven't yet been offered. Fatty. I wasn't alone...
-Husband's and my lack of dance moves at the wedding. It's all good--we shook our uncoordinated tail feathers and you know they liked it. 
-Having the Catholic priest tell me my eyes are pretty during the rehearsal run-through. I don't know why this was so awkward. I guess I was just expecting him to tell me I'm in need of confessional, or something. 
-Ordering a diet coke at the open bar. "Aren't you Mormon?" "Why, yes I am. Thanks for making me feel like a sinner. Jerk."
-Jogging over to the workout stations on the running trail and realizing I'm far too soft to jump, hop, pull-up, or leg-lift just about anything. To all you jogging witnesses: You may have been bystanders, but you weren't innocent bystanders. 
-Buying a dozen ridiculously delicious donuts and almost finishing them off on the car ride home. OK, my brother helped. Kind of. 
-Jude is sleeping all night and then some ALL ALONE in his Pack n' Play! Sweet mother of all
-While holding his hands, Jude can walk across the floor. NO JOKE. 
-The other day I put Jude down for tummy time and no more than a minute later he rolled over on his back. My little chunk can move!
-The plethora of authentic food I ate: Philly cheesesteaks, Quaker donuts, NY pizza, and oh-so-much more. 
-Jude did so awesome on all of our plane rides. 
-During said plane rides, Jude discovered the timeless art of flirting. All the girls that sat next to us were in love with him my the end of the flights. 
-Also, all the amazing people on the flights that were so helpful and considerate, 
-Southwest airlines is having killer deals on flights! SOOO my mom is coming for a visit in September!
-Like I mentioned last post, I got to spend some quality time with my brother, and also got to visit with some friends from back way! --so fun! 

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  1. Haha! Britney, I love reading your blog! You are so hilarious! Keep posting--I'm definitely a big fan!


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