Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Wishful Thinking

Ahhh Wednesday Wishes. I think it's mentally healthy to wish. Wishing transforms this world into a personally more perfect one, where the wisher can forget about their daily stressors and dream big. I suppose it has the same effect as alcohol--or so I'm told.
#1. I Wanna Be a Billionaire so freaking bad
Multiple times in our marriage I have sat and day-dreamed over this possibility (more like impossibility):
Adam and I have been married. We have school loans, hospital bills and other things to pay for, obviously. Managing money has been stressful and funds have been tight.
Ok, picture this:
Adam comes home. Exhausted, hungry, and with a headache. He sits on the couch.
Me: "Hunny, I have to tell you something."
Adam: "Oh're not pregnant again are you?"
Me: "No, it's not that. Hunny, I have something I've been needing to tell you since we've been married, but I needed to make sure you loved me for me first."
Adam's eyes are starring at me intently.
*Deep breath*
Me: "Hunny, I'm a billionaire. I've paid off all our debts, your new Volvo XC90 Crossover is in the driveway, we're going dream house shopping tomorrow, and we're flying our private jet to Italy this weekend."
We proceed to laugh, hug, cry, makeout, etc. etc.

#2. The Chanel Dream Dress
Why Blake Lively got to wear this marvelous piece of work is still a pitiless mystery. I want it. I've been wanting it. And I want it with matching Chanel heals. As you can tell, my favorite designer is Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel. Make a note: I save up and I will wear this dress. I'll probably be 80 yr. old and fat doing it, but I will wear this dress in my lifetime. 
Now read that back to me...

#3. A Purple Living Room
I'm kind of obsessed with purple. When I asked Adam to design my blog page I said "make it purple." It is purple? Obviously not. It's cool tho--lover boy did good anyway. 
Although this living room probably wreaks of single, working woman with a wonder-woman job, I like it. Adam assigned me as the house wife right? That means the house is mine. 

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  1. being a billionaire would definitely make the 2nd two wishes come true in a snap ;) That dress is BEYOND STUNNING. and you'd rock it britney :) And purple is my favorite color too! love the layout of that room...


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