Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursdays Are Awkward..and Awesome

Before writing this, I realized that Thursdays really are the awkward turtle of the week. I mean, what an uneventful day of the week, right? It's like when Adam comes home on a Thursday I just think, "well, it's Thursday. Guess we're just gunna ride this one out and wait till the weekend."
Moving forward...
-Being the lady in Goodwill with a screaming child. 
-Feeding said child in the passenger seat of my car (with a bottle, mind you) and watching people walk by curiously wondering if they can sneak a peak. 
-Changing a killer diaper at someone else's house and helplessly wondering where to put it until I eventually position it carefully in my diaper bag. Hopefully no one will think the trailing scent behind me as I carry this bag around is me. 
-The mutual look of "I'm kind of unsure about this" Adam and I exchanged after biting into "no sugar-added" ice cream sandwiches. 
-Having a McDonald's employee poke their head outside the drive thru window because I'm taking too long to pull forward. Hey, my wallet is in the diaper bag in the back seat, k?
-People talking too loud in public. No one really needed to know your boyfriend's shorts are too short. 
-Being hungry + shaky and, therefore, unable to critically think. Period. 8+6=....uhh...
-We just got the second part of our tax return in the mail!
-It's supposed to be in the 80s this weekend! FINALLY!
-After all the crappy eating I did over last weekend I haven't gained a pound. You know what that means? ..uhh YEAH: eating like crap again this weekend. 
-Adam and I just started watching Traffic Light. It's HILARIOUS. Yay new show!
-Jude's eyelashes went from blonde to dark brown. Now his eyes are freaking gorgeous. Back off, ladies. 
-Adam and I are finally going to Carlo's Bakery next week! Aside from diners and family, I find no other reason to go to Jersey. 
-Someone compared me to Zoe Deschanel. Why, thank you! 
-Jude finds me absolutely hysterical. 
-I'm a college graduate, wife, and mother at the tender age of 22. I feel very accomplished.

I know it's super-duper late, but what's been awkward and/or awesome for you lately? 


  1. I feel the same way about Thursdays. Life goes on I guess... <3

  2. Awesome: It hit me that in two months I'll be on the 'lose my pregnancy weight diet' so I ate three cookies at enrichment to celebrate that I'm not dieting yet. :)


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