Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lunch Date With Friends

Haley and Brooks from Life is Sweet came up to Vancouver to visit family and today we (Jude and I) had a fun lunch date with them! Since we have a mutual affinity for sushi, we decided on one of my favorite sushi hot-spots in Vancouver during their happy-hour. Remember happy-hour? Yes, you do. 
Haley looked gorgeous--when does she not?--and her sweet little man couldn't have been more adorable. He and Jude share the same mangey hair tendencies, but they both pull it off very well. Messy hair on little boys is just about the most endearing thing for some reason. 
SO anyway...here's some pics. 
All kudos to Haley for the pics. She's very good at capturing the special moments. 

Haley and Brooks!
Our plates by the end--I'm pretty impressed.

And here's where I gush:
Haley is such a sweet, darling lady and mom. She's one of those people that when talking to you feel like you've known forever--like the neighborhood friend down the street that comes over everyday after dinner to play kickball and eat popsicles. Yes, I just made that up and yes, I just envisioned us doing that. 

The little man was such a trooper too--except when he tried to grab my strawberry milkshake. That's a no-no, chico.


  1. Your son is freakin' adorable! Looks like a great day! Sushi is SO delicious!

  2. I agree Haley is the nicest sweetest person you will ever meet!! She is superwoman!!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to see us! And for sharing that stellar sushi joint :) I'm excited to bring my Adam there next time we're in town! And yes, our mangey haired studs were both little troopers :)

    Loved talking and getting to know you even better Britney! Even though I feel the same way, feels like I've known you forever! :) and thinking of us playing kickball and eating popsicles makes me smile so big my cheeks are hurting. YES PLEASE :)


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