Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well, Jude and I and Adam arrived in PA just fine. Thanks for asking. Sadly, our camera's battery charger bit the dust so while I use my mom's Kodak point-and-shoot, I'm unable to upload pictures from the first happenings of our trip. 
I know. It's a huge inconvenience. 
Here's pics from our Philadelphia trip! We didn't bring the monster man, simply because things would have taken a lot longer with him and we didn't have much time to spend in the city. 
On our way down, Bryon (my brother), Adam and I stopped at a Mennonite restaurant called The Shady Maple. 
You can't say you're from Pennsylvania if you haven't been to the Shady Maple.
Basically, the low-down is that it's a ridiculously massive breakfast buffet. The kind where people push and shove for things like baked french toast, massive sausages, and eggs benedict. 
It was cheap, heavenly, and in a very stereotypical part of PA. 
Exhibit A:
We all had our game faces on for
Exhibit B:
-Veggie omelet, whoopie pie, coconut-bavarian cream donut, strawberries and pineapple, sausage patty, veggie and cheese egg scramble, baked french toast, eggs benedict, hash browns and gravy, bacon, hash brown patty, sausage link, grapefruit, and french toast. 
Not photoed, but definitely enjoyed: Chocolate and peanut butter rice krispie treats, chocolate milk, and cinnamon rolls.
Breakfast is definitely the best meal of the day. 
Exhibit C: Our insides exploding.

Then we walked around Philadelphia. I love the old, colonial apartments
Liberty Bell
City Hall

First hospital in the US
Fun, fun trip to Philly. Adam leaves tomorrow and then it's just me, Jude, Grandma, and lots of pizza. 

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