Wednesday, December 21, 2011

As Of Late

We've been busy making preparations for Christmas around here!--lots of cookie baking, cookie eating, and then dying for some real food and splurging on Mexican; Christmas present receiving, buying, wrapping and shipping, decorating, and the Lego train finally made its appearance. Aside from Italian wedding cookies in my mouth, I think we're just about ready. I'm stoked! A few Christmases back I discovered that Adam is FANTASTIC at buying clothes for me = bring on the tranny heals, faux fur, and big jewelry. I think my husband secretly wishes I was more wild--like Cher or that fat kid from the Goonies. 

1 comment:

  1. we just had mexican takeout tonight!! :) let me just tell you though, do not order nachos to-go...they get soooooooggy.

    but anyway :) I'm loving:
    - the labels your sister made for the presents ;)
    - the lego train, AWESOME :) and I recognize the snowflakes!! woohoo! :)
    - that darling little Jude being enchanted by the Christmas lights...absolutely precious :) And I love the red beads on the tree!

    Hope you 3 have the Merriest Christmas yet!

    and oh Brit, getting your comment today made me SO happy, and SO sad. i WISH we lived closer! PS - i can't claim making the candied apples, they were a gift from my friend, she makes them...but if you were coming over I'd order some from her for sure!! :)


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