Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Weekend, From the iPhone

 a. Adam put on his signature "stoked" face Friday night for our THREE year anniversary date at Urban Fondue. FYI --nothing makes a man more attractive than dim lighting, candles, and him feeding you a stick of bread and hot cheese. 
b. Brie and gorgonzola cheese fondue = my craving for the rest of eternity. 
c. To the innocent passerby I look cool and collected. In actuality, I'm freaking out to be dipping sauteed mushrooms in cheese. 
d. What's that, lobster and shrimp? You're feeling a little left out? Join the party, my ocean friends. 
e. After 3,000 calories, who wouldn't want to end the night with Heath bar chocolate fondue to dip cheesecake, donuts, peanut butter cookie dough, and strawberries in? 
f. & g. I woke up to a little babe laughing and smiling at me in my bed on Saturday morning. He's the sweetest thing. 
h. We quickly set off Saturday morning to get our Christmas tree! It didn't take us long to find this beauty! 
i. j. k. Smiles with our little bundle of fleece. 
l. Tree secured and ready to take home! 
m. Adam's company Christmas party invite said, "Dress to impress." Believe me: we impressed. 
n. Well hello, beautiful friends! 
o. Out of all of the sophisticated desserts the country club had to offer, I chose Frosty. He didn't disappoint in the least. 
p. Adam and Phil stoked about their well-deserved gift cards from winning a game. 
q. Oh, hello other beautiful friends. We had a fabulous night with you, too! 
Tonight, we listened to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional--something I have looked forward to every year since my childhood. 
Tomorrow, Jude and I pack-up to visit my family back east AND we're decorating the tree while watching Rudolph and drinking hot cocoa with cookies for fhe!
'Tis the season! 

1 comment:

  1. first, Happy Anniversary you two!! that fondue sounded fantastic :)

    second, yay for getting your christmas tree! I'm trying to talk my Adam into doing real next year...we'll see.

    third, your Jude's 2 little teeth are ADORABLE.

    fourth, looks like the company Christmas party was fun! and Adam works with Phil? how awesome is that?? :)

    have fun today packing for your NYC getaway and decorating the tree!


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