Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jude's First Trip to NYC

Yesterday, we took Jude to Carlos Bakery (the "Cake Boss") and the Big Apple. We helped ourselves to some beyond yummy pastries--beYOND--crumb cake, pizza, and Crumb's cupcakes. If only my life-long dream to parasail with Molly Shannon had already come true, I could have died right there on the cold, drug-powdered streets, a very happy woman.
It was really special to show Jude around the city that Adam and I were married in. 
It all began here.
In other news, Jude and I returned to Portland this afternoon! We had such a memorable visit with my family, full of nostalgia and memories--especially as we sorted through old photos and laughed at how awkward Brynne and my awkward stages were. Oh 5th grade, you couldn't have ended sooner. 


  1. This looks like a blast:) So glad you got to spend time in the city!

  2. HOW FUN! loved every bit...seeing you and your cute fam in the big apple, the pastries, FAO Shwarz (i will get there someday), warheads (made my tongue feel all funny just looking at the pics! haha), and knowing that you're home sweet home now :) Glad you had such a blast!!


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