Saturday, December 10, 2011

D Squared

 And here's where I said: "Ok, Bryon. Pose with your food." 
 And here's where he stuck out his chest. 

Quite honestly, there are better places to get a bagel. Ok?--I said it. But DD does make a tasty toasted everything bagel with cream cheese. As well as pumpkin donuts and coffee rolls--not to mention their delicious-refreshing-diabetic-inducing vanilla bean coolatta. But, this place brings back memories. 
Some are awkward. 
Some are sweet. 
I look back on those glorious nights I was employed at that shop, and remember getting fatter and fatter as I took a bite out of each donut and muffin before I, with complete devastation, threw each of them away. 
It was my job, ok? 
Model employee, right here. 


  1. an everything bagel?? sounds FANTASTIC :) and i totally worked at a bagel/smoothie shop at BYUI! (we may have talked about this before...) But another fun little thing we have in common :) Looks like you & your brother had a great lunch I'm ready for my lunch...and it's barely not even 10am. lol

  2. haha. I too was a model employee at DD! It only made sense to make sure each and every pastry was fresh at the end of the day:-)


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