Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Over

Dear Red Velvet,

I see you over there.
Staring at me, with what's left of you after Valentine's Day, glittery in that shiny glass trifle dish--you're like a gem just waiting to be picked up and loved.  
Say it: you want me. 
And I want you. 
But listen, you're no good for me. Last night I stood in a pitiful, self-loathing shower after meeting the two new friends who have taken residence on my woman hips. 
Their names are Love Handle 1 and Love Handle 2. 
And they're mean to me. 
And although you've always been good to me, Red Velvet--making finishing dinner that much more exciting and filling my soul with sheer buttery bliss--you did this to me. 
And for that, I can't. I just can't
I'll save you for husband.



  1. red velvet cake, get thee hence you evil tempter! ohhhhh i could go for some right now. i wish we did live closer! you know, to help each other not indulge :)

  2. Darn those love handles!! I can't stand mine either yet I continue to eat things like Red Velvet Cake and cookies!

  3. good luck resisting! haha. evil cakes staring at you are the worst!

  4. Haha, aw, that's so cute. We had red velvet cake at work for Valentine's Day and it was SO hard to resist! YUM! xo

  5. ahahahaha! oh those sneaky baked long as the cake is moist, i have no control over how much goes into my mouth once it's in front of me. oy. Good call on saving it for husband...or at least waiting to share it with him :)

  6. hahahaha, you are just too cute girl! i don't know if i could be as obedient as you! :)
    xo TJ


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