Monday, February 27, 2012


Over the weekend we took a visit to IKEA and spent far too much money purchasing nursery items for Jude's rather boring room--including some beautiful frames to hang up all the prints Adam's designed just for Jude. Finally. 
I get a little out of control at IKEA, let alone buying things for the little man, and haven't felt that alive since the water tubing incidence of '06. 
Word to the wise: unless you want to laugh hard enough to break a rib, don't flop onto a one-person tube with a muscle-packed little sister riding on your back--with a lunatic of a father manning the vessel. 
Anyway, night shifts have taken my sanity, so please excuse me while I grab a wooden spoon and a carton of Breyer's. 
Au revoir.


  1. i love the lady waving in the background of the second picture! your family is adorable.

  2. LOL! oh i love you britney (pretty sure I started my last comment on another post that same way. it's because your posts make me smile/laugh and i really do love ya:)

    anyway, yay for Ikea! really is a wonderfully dangerous place ;) you'll have to share pics of his room after you add your special touches :) That print on the left made me creative and darling :)

    and haha!! tubing is THE BEST. definitely gave me a good snicker thinking about you & your sister ;)


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