Sunday, February 12, 2012

Letter from your best friend

Dear Jude,

You and mommy make a cute couple. I love watching you two play together and dress up in your Sunday best. I can't image my life without you two and I'm thankful for the love you bring into my life. Be good to your mother because she does so much for you. She always thinks of you first. 

Keep that chunky smile going and give your mom and I lots of kisses. I can't wait to take you to get your first Lego set together, watch Looney Tunes while eating cereal, and play soccer together on Saturday mornings. 

I love you,


  1. oh Adam, your sweet little Jude is going to love reading this letter some day :) Just thinking of you and Jude playing legos after a session of watching cartoons & eating cereal (made me think of my Adam and little Brooks doing that together too:) put the biggest smile on my face!

    And he and Britney do make a cute couple ;)

    PS - Britney, i may or may not covet that yellow skirt of yours

  2. mmm beautiful outfit! and those sugar cookies look amazing!


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