Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not too much

Not too much going on over here this week. 
Jude and I have been getting over some sniffles and last night's dinner was a celebration of it being the first time I cooked this week. We can get by on scrambled eggs, tortilla chips and ice cream every night, can't we? 
Last night was also the night that Adam finally heeded my week-long call to get me gummy bears at 9pm. You would have thought that by the third night in a row I would have realized, "Ok, I'm in the grocery store at one in the afternoon. I should probably get those things for tonight." Needless to say, he's fantastic. And I almost ate the whole bag. Don't be scared, little gummies. I have a new home for you...


  1. That cupcake looks delicious!! I have done that multiple times with Mr. Charming asking to get me something sweet at the store! ha

  2. yummm that starbucks frap! looks delicious!

  3. ha, yes! you can never go wrong with gummy bears! hoping you have a full recovery soon! being sick is definitely NO fun!
    xo TJ

  4. frapps.
    adorable sleeping babe.
    family dinner prayer.
    feisty Britney & gummi bears.
    right on :)

    and i'm sorry you & Jude have been feeling sick! definitely glad you're doing better :)


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