Friday, February 3, 2012


Our BFFS are in town. 
Basically, that means we've been spending inordinate amounts of money, inhaling way too much fried food and white sugar, and staying up into the wee-hours of the night watching The Lord of the Rings and The Colbert Report. 
This has been the ultimate slumber party. They are never leaving. 
Today? We went to IKEA--hence the culprit of our empty wallets.
And I also found it imperative to look as creepy as possible. 
It's who I am. 

Just beautiful, isn't she? 

I bought these glass bottles at IKEA for like 75 cents each--genius--and found some lovely fake plants with petals that resembled hearts in honor of the impending holiday. Inspiration? Who else but my good friend Haley?--who executed it waaaay better than me :-P. Kind of mad for showing you all. You can probably just assume that any DIY project I dare to attempt comes from her. Zero creative skills from the nurse over here. Thanks, Haley :) 


  1. how fun to have friends come to visit!!! sounds like an awesome time...seriously everything. the shopping, the food, Lord of the Rings, and Colbert Report (that guy cracks me up;)

    i'm lusting after your jacket, scarf, and fabulous flats!

    i'm drooling over the chocolate cake in the picture of lunch at ikea :)

    and i'm so loving your vday table decor! nice find with the vases! And the flowers, sweet petals on the runner and all, are perfect.


  2. Okay. One. My initial thought when I saw the pictures was 'why are you pushing a walker with a baby in it?'. And two. Ikea has food??? Obviously I've never been to an ikea.


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