Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

-The mountain of spinach dip I have sitting in my fridge leftover from a get-together last night. It looks like rabbit puke, but throwing all of this away would be a crime...
-Being in the hospital elevator and having a patient tell me he's single. I'm sorry, but what disease are we currently treating you for again?.. 
-An 11-year-old telling me a very 11-year-old joke, and trying my best to give the biggest I-have-no-idea-what-that-even-means laugh. 
-Somebody using "brouhaha" in a conversation.
-While playing with my phone, Jude accidentally emailed "b 1x 89r" to Geico. They emailed him back saying that they would love to help him out, but that they have no idea what language he's speaking. 
-Accidentally using the term "wham bam" to describe an efficient way to get visiting teaching done. 
-That moment when you realize you just went through an entire bag of microwaved popcorn. 
-Went Jude's one-and-only toy falls on the ground in the grocery store and you don't know if picking it up and pacifying him by handing it back is worth 500 dirty stares. 
-Easter's this Sunday! Can't wait to get the little guy a dashing little bow tie--and maybe even a little white fluffy tail..shhhh
-Jude and I have been able to spend the whole week (and the rest of the week too!) together without mommy going to work or clinicals! 
-I'm halfway through with my BSN program! I graduate a year from now with my bachelors of science in nursing (finallllllyyyy). 
-It's the cutest thing, if you shrug your shoulders and ask Jude where daddy is, he smiles and looks at Adam! 
-Any day now my little boy will stop being a chicken and start walking! The kid has been on his feet cruising since 6 months and is just realizing now that his legs weren't meant for more than just mommy to squeeze ;). 
-Today is also Mommy and Jude day. I've decided to take my little man out on our first official (after an entire Jude-lifetime of unofficial) Mommy-and-Jude date! 

Sending you all warm thoughts as Spring is blossoming all around us :)

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