Sunday, April 29, 2012

Remember that time...

Hey, remember that time that I had a blog that was supposed to be an electronic journal/scrapbook used to document the life of my little family?
Yeah, me too.
One of the gals (gals?) at work got pyelonephritis--could've just said infected kidneys, but I wanted to sound cool--and needed me to fill in for her throughout the week. 
So, when I haven't been trying to convince paranoid elderly folks that I'm not conspiring against them, I've been soaking up some sweet moments with my two boys. 
And let me tell you: they've been pretty sweet.
We also had poker night with some friends.  And I lost terribly. You know you're going to be bad at poker when every time you get a good card you can't possibly hold back a stupid smile. That's me. Oh, and that's Ann Marie down there. She went crazy when she stole all my money. 
So. What's new with Jude?:
He reads books to himself. And laughs at his own jokes. 
Biting mommy's legs is apparently hilarious. 
He loves taking off Adam's glass and putting them on his own face while laughing hysterically.
He loves playing soccer with daddy and pushes the ball back-and-forth. 
When you say, "Arms up!" Jude throws his chunky arms in the air. 
Jude has 3 new teeth! I'm not ready for those chompers to invade my little baby's mouth.  
Jude can walk, but chooses not to. 
I went crazy and bought the little guy lots of cute summer clothes. And I'm going back tomorrow to get more. 
He can now intake the same amount of food as a high school football player. 
He likes to bang his head into things purposely. So if you like your teeth, I'd advise you not to hold my kid.
He understands now what "bye" means and cries whenever Adam leaves for work.
He gives The. Best. Kisses. Ever. and I can't get enough of those sweet little lips. 
Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Stop growing you darling little squirt. Just stop it. 

Oh, what's this? This is the face of champions who stayed up past 10:00 and could've sworn it was at least 1am. 
And here's to the start of a new week!--I hope you're all going to enjoy as much sunshine as we are this week. Which is zero. 


  1. I hope we get some sunshine! Ashlyn refused to walk when she could for a while, and now she refuses to talk. Summer clothes are amazing, Ashlyn needs more even though she has about 15 shirts and shorts :)

  2. Oh my goodness, those legs on Jude! :) And I love that little girls dress, so cute from behind and I'm sure from the front too. :)

  3. jude has the cutest cheeks. face and bum


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