Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Freaken Weekend

Busy, busy, fun weekend. How was yours?
What did we do?
Oh, how nice of you to ask. 
Well, we got sushi. We really like sushi. This place had it on a conveyer belt AND it was happy hour = half off all plates = we stuffed our faces. 

and apparently Jude's face. 
There was some bath time.

and some sploosh eating.
p.s. "Sploosh" is when you take a spoonful of chocolate cookie dough and microwave it for 20 seconds. It's basically warm cookie dough and it is DIVINE.
There was some chill time
and some light shopping in P-town.
There was some plaid wearing

and also some bbq-ing with family

and finally, some s'more making with friends. {Yes, this is the best picture I have of the s'more making with friends.}
GREAT family weekend. 


  1. looks like a fab weekend for sure!!

    oh sushi...after being preggers and not being able to eat it make it EVEN BETTER, am i right?? :)

    And yay for family bbqs and smores with friends! your little table top fire pit is awe-some :)

  2. You and your fam are adorable:) Love sushi, plaid and sploosh or whatever you called it! Tell my beautiful sister in law and bro hi from the willenbrechts!


  3. Dang. Those sushi look wayyyy yummers! And the sploosh. And your red lips! Shmexy, girl. I love the color on ya. P.S. Give jude some nibbling on those cheeks for me! He is so adorable, I just wanna eat him up!


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