Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adam's 25!

Dear Adam,

Yesterday was your 25th birthday. 
I made you nutella french toast for breakfast, you went out with friends for lunch, and then you came home and had presents (a beard trimmer, new tie, and Steve Jobs' biography), fish and potatoes for dinner, and finished it off with red velvet cake and my own sexy/not-so-sexy rendition of "Happy birthday, Mr. President" as you blew out your scary black candles. 
I love you, darling. It's been a wonderful year. Keep being the little kid that you are. Jude already loves it. 



  1. Aw, it seems like he had a great birthday!! You're such a great wife!

  2. loved this :) Sounds like Adam enjoyed a great birthday!! red velvet...YUM!

    And "happy birthday mr. president"...LOVE IT!! I'm totally following your lead with my Adam for his birthday. It'll be in February though and I'll be almost full term with my huge belly...yowza. Sexy for sure right? ;)


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