Sunday, November 6, 2011


I have to admit, I've been feeling a little bit worn down. From 12-hour clinical shifts at the hospital for school, to getting called into work, to my normal load of online homework, I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with taking care of Jude, keeping our apartment clean, figuring out when and where we're going to move, etc. And of course, all the while, I'm not taking care of myself. I've been eating like a 12-year old boy at a sleepover, sleeping like a 38-week pregnant lady, working-out like Gilbert Grape's mom, spiritually nourishing myself like an illiterate 7-year old, and spending as much time with my husband as Lindsey Lohan spent in jail. You've all been there in some way or another, and you know it's exhausting on so many levels. 
I honestly feel like I need a week off, with $500 for some retail therapy, gym workouts every day to burn off the stress, and my iPhone to read scriptures to me all day. 
When did we all-of-a-sudden become adults?--and how do you make it stop? 
Sure, being an adult has it's perks--as Jerry Seinfeld once said, "If I want a cookie, I can have a cookie. Heck, I can have 12 cookies." But recently, I have found myself envying little Jude and his eat-sleep-play agenda. 
So, I've made resolution to start this week off right. I once learned that when you wake up in the morning with tasks at hand you always do the most challenging and difficult one first; that way, you can move on feeling accomplished that your largest feat has been met for the day. For me, that would be reading my scriptures and getting a workout. 
So watch out, Moroni 7 and P90X Plyometrics--we have a date tomorrow that cannot be broken. 
Message of the day: I've learned as a nurse that in order for my patients to be considered "well", they have to have achieved optimal levels of health physically, mentally, and spiritually. I think most often we think that if we're physically fit we'll be happy, or if as long as we're spiritually taking care of ourselves that all will be well within us. We're both spiritual and physical beings, and we need to tend to all of our needs. When we can do that, we'll be well--and we need to do that before we can adequately take care of others. 
So, hop on the tread mill, eat well, find spiritual upliftment daily, spend time with friends and loved ones, read books that promote thought and positive emotions, and strive to continually seek for opportunities for education. 
I must also admit though, Jude's super-loud laugh has definitely been helping to keep me together. You'll have to excuse my loud, annoying voice: sometimes moms will be as dramatic, loud, and expressive as possible in order to evoke a response from their little ones. I will do anything. 

I also read this uplifting message by one of our church's great apostles, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, giving words of encouragement to young mothers. It definitely gave me hope and peace :).
Have a great week, everyone! 


  1. I don't even have a kid... but I have been feeling these same things lately. When will it stop? NEVER. it just gets worse. but the good news... I think we start to figure it out, which means??? We are getting SMARTER. Just takes us falling down 12 times like me while learning to ride a bike until we get up the 13th time and just rideeeee. You go girl! Work out tomorrow and do your best. Something I love from this past relief society broadcast by Elder Uchtdorf was his "Forget me nots." One of them is, "Forget not to be patient with yourself." If the house is a mess, you have no idea where to move, Jude is crying and smells like poopy and you have not seen Adam in days... just get through one of those things and be patient with yourself.

    Love you dearly, you rock

  2. it'd definitely crazy how once i had a kid i am now in a permanent state of tiredness and i don't even do half as much as you have to! even though life gets so crazy and tiring i love the fact that our sweet babies are there to give us extra cuddles and smiles. and yes so true! that's why all moms sound really obnoxious in vids. i too will do anything to get any sound from everton! take it easy girl!

  3. you just described my current life in a nutshell. my house is dirty, my 2 year old neglected, my husband and i strangers, my book of mormon collecting dust, and my treadmill hasn't been turned on in 3 weeks. we'll see how long this working thing lasts. i don't think the paychecks are worth it.

  4. Oh Brit...I know exactly how you feel...except you're even more a super woman because while I have felt those same feelings and struggles, I wasn't working like you are. Life is constantly changing, and I feel like trying to keep up and keep everything balanced is exhausting!! but so worth it :) I hope that date with Moroni and P90x went well! love ya girl and thanks for the inspiration :)

    and that video!!!! oh your little giggly man is beyond adorable :) I just want to bottle up his laugh!


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