Sunday, November 27, 2011

New House

This is my new view. 
We moved out of our place in Vancouver and are now
living in a beautiful town in Oregon called Lake Oswego.
I'm already in love. It's one of those towns that makes
you want to get up on a Saturday morning and take a walk to a 
bagel shop for bagels and hot chocolate. 
And I could use that every Saturday morning. 
p.s. thank goodness that this move is over.
When your baby screams with fear at the scary sound
taping up a box makes, moving can become a pretty long process. 


  1. My husband has a uncle that lives there! The Webbs. They are currently on a mission in Africa, but their son is living in their house. And, my sister lives across the river, in Milwaukie!

  2. oh you moved out of 7th heaven! I hope you love your new ward, they're lucky to have you guys! :) That's great you enjoy the new area, and that Adam loves his new job!

    and i'm glad there's no more packing tape to scare your little guy. heehee ;)


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