Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photo Memory

Regardless of the fact that I've broken some kind of personal recent-mommy-record of wearing makeup everyday this week (you're delusional, it's only Wednesday), I haven't taken many pics of myself with my men this week. 
I mean, come on: looking at my scared-doll-like blue eyes or luscious 10 lbs. of brown keratin on top of my head (translation: hair) doesn't evoke nearly as much adoration as a simple glimpse at my little Jude. He's perfect. And I'm not biased. 
Yes I am. 
Anyway, I thought that instead of posting some beautifully taken picture of me and mine smiling at some nonexistent hilarity, I'd share a photo memory. 
This picture was taken pretty soon after I had my gall bladder taken out when I was 19. It was the fall after high school and I didn't start my college experience until that January. I was home working and ended up needing surgery. All I remember is being skinnier than I had been in a long time and my little sister Brynne being home to keep me company. We had a good time together those last few months before I left for school. She was my bff right then and there. 
Brynne: I love you. And I can't believe that you're coming out to see me in a few months LET ALONE leaving for a mission! 
Stay crazy. It's why I love you. <3


  1. aw, i love little photo memories. and i would say that baby jude is the cutest thing ever, and that's not biased! :)
    xo TJ

  2. i totally feel the same about my little guy!! our son's are just the perfect photo subjects :)

    and that's awesome that you got some sweet sister time while recovering from your surgery before heading off to college! :) and you'll have more in just a few weeks!! right on.


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