Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Best 6 Months of My Life

I have a 6 month old. And these past few months have been the best of my life. Heavenly Father sent me the best gift He has to offer--one of His precious children. It's like Christmas everyday because I get to wake up to him every single morning. 
Here's what I've learned over the past 6 months:
-Each hour of sleep at night is like little nugget of gold.                                             -Having a child is truly like forever watching your heart walk around outside your body. 
-Our marriage has been tested more than ever, but whenever we overcome a challenge of parenthood, it becomes that much stronger.  

-I have learned how to be grateful to God everyday. He has sent me the most perfect little child of His to make my life more full, joyful, and meaningful on a daily basis.     -Babies are this crazy mix of resilient and fragile. 
-Don't freak out about every little thing--because with all the things involved with having and raising a child some things just aren't going to work out. i.e. breast feeding, playing mozart all day, scheduled nap times, etc. 

-I've become that much more of a control freak--but, hey, one of us has to be organized. 
-I truly understand now when they say, "Suck as much of it in now as you can, because they grow up way too fast."
-I have a newfound respect and empathy for stay-at-home moms. You absolutely love your job and wouldn't have it any other way, but sometimes you feel worthless when it's all you can do to change out of your pajama pants every day and take your kid to the park. I also now know why you chop off all of your hair.
-People you would never think of go crazy over babies. Especially family members. 
-Children are absolutely a gift from our Heavenly Father. There's no way a simple sperm and egg could create my little boy's infectious personality, quick smile and giggle, and insane curiosity. 
-Parenthood was designed by God to make us understand how much He perfectly loves, knows, and cares about us. Also, to force us into humility. 
-Focusing on the needs of someone else, as opposed to dwelling on my own, has been the healthiest change of my life. 
-Adam is an incredible man, father, and husband. I couldn't have gotten a more loving, giving, patient or extraordinary companion. He teaches me so much every day. 
-I am apparently hilarious. 
-I would rather buy $50 worth of baby clothes than $100 worth of heels. 
-We are encouraged to have regular date nights for a very wise purpose. 
-One big, drooley, gummy smile from Jude can easily outweigh one full hour of fussiness. 
-I've learned that being a mother is definitely underrated and I can't wait to do it again and again and again!
Here's Jude when he first met daddy. 


  1. Oh are just the sweetest mom :) I loved reading all that you've learned and enjoyed from parenthood. From it testing your marriage (amen sister!) and you guys coming out strong, to how Jude's drooly grin makes up for crying fests, and how you can see the Lord's hand in your life even more after having your son. Life is good <3 Happy 6 months little Jude!!!!

    and that first picture...melted my heart into a puddle. And that video!! I think I remember watching it right after Jude was born (Adam posted it on Facebook maybe) and I still got teary eyed because of how tender, and brand new that beautiful boy was...and how sweet Adam's words were! What a treasure of a video :)

  2. Such a sweet post. I totally agree with rather buying $50 worth of baby clothes over $100 worth of heels. In fact, I think because of that, I'm pretty sure our kiddos have a closet bursting with awesome goodies more than we do. Le sigh. Oh wells, yay for mommyhood though. And yay for rocking at being Jude's mum. Happy 6 months Jude dude.

  3. this was so beautiful. every single thing you said is so true, esp for me. it's so crazy how everton could drive me up the wall with how much he fusses in the evening but when we put him to bed i start missing him! congrats to jude on 6 months and congrats to you and adam for being parents for 6 months!!!


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