Monday, September 26, 2011

Over the Week's been awhile. 
Whatever, I'm a busy woman these days. Since Tuesday, I've done 3 shifts at my new job AND we went to Newport Beach over the weekend to visit my sister-in-law and her little ones and cheer Hudson on at his first soccer game. It's been a busy week, but for some reason, busy always makes me feel productive--even though I've been popping lots of pills. LOTS of pills--for my darling patients. Come on: the closest I've come to abusing any kind of substance was, while distracted by Greys Anatomy, I almost downed half a bag of chocolate chips. If that makes me a user then I'm fully onboard--because it was totally worth it. 
--to prevent further tarnishing of my someone squeaky clean reputation, I'll just spit out what we've been up to :
I'm training for my job and so I've had lots of shifts in a row. I miss my little boy, and for some reason, every new day I see him he looks different. A resident at my job thought I looked like a grody bar skank when for "Pirate Day" I put on one of those nylon tattoo arm sleeves. Over the weekend, we went and saw the University of Utah girl's soccer team play Oregon. We paid $10 for a hotdog and soft pretzel. You could totally tell which side was rooting for Utah, not only by the red shirts, but also by the sea of screaming children and babies. Jude has started grabbing our food. Newport Beach is a quaint little beach town that smells like salty fish..but still, charming. Jude's standing up on things now. Jude turned 6 months yesterday. Jude has two little razor teeth growing on the bottom. Jude likes to bite with said razor teeth. 

#1 goalie. GO Hudson! 
Knit hat that automatically made him
look like a cancer patient. 
Jude and Nana!
After the game, we went to the Pig 'n Pancake for brunch.

Believe it or not, we posed for this one.
That's raw talent right there. See that, Tyra, see that? 

Back at home, Jude's been enjoying swinging on the ottoman...

Parking it under the exercise saucer...

and demolishing any book or magazine we carelessly
put in low places. 

As if you hadn't had enough of us, here's a video of us being bad parents to a child desperately in need of a nap.

Did you miss me (us)?
I missed you too, loves.

p.s. It's TOTALLY fall here in the Northwest. This morning, I woke up to cloudy skies and cool rain. I immediately put on a sweatshirt and snuggled up to the Today show and a hot mug of Pero. And so my favorite season in the world begins...


  1. i did miss you guys and seeing little jude's latest adventures! and i LOVE elephants! jude is SO cute as a little pachyderm!

  2. Fun to see you guys! Little Jude is adorable!

  3. You were in Newport and you didn't call us?!? That is where Brad's office is and we live down the street! dang :(


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