Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Over the Weekend..

...we went swimming, house sat for my in-laws, went to a wedding reception, and spent lots of time together. 

beautiful Leah Green. 

Jude and I have to finish getting ready for my mom to get here. He's one stinky kid. 
p.s. the heatwave broke and it's 62 degrees here in Vancouver. I may or may not be wearing a wool hat with my pj's right now. 


  1. What a great weekend and oh my goodness I can't wait for it to cool off!

  2. a few things:
    1 - i totally have a picture of brooks in a floaty with my mother-in-law (his grandma kjar) and he is totally crying too. ha!
    2 - yay for friends' weddings!
    3 - you are STUNNING! that photo of you & your sweet Jude is to die for.
    4 - that last photo of Adam and Jude is also to die for :) can you say static? ;)
    5 - i'm enjoying the last bit of summer with Brooks (still very warm here)...but inside i'm hoping it'll cool down very soon. yay for knit hats!

  3. girl you are so pretty! i can't wait to take everton summer. hopefully he likes it!


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