Monday, September 12, 2011

One Post From One Delirious Yours Truly

Hey there.
We're alive. 
No need to call in the generic search party of hot English fuzz, wearing their notoriously outdated bobby's, waving wooden batons in the air while trying to calm down a pack of barking blood hounds, screaming, "Hold on, old boys! We'll find 'em. We'll find 'em good!" 
We're alive.
Calm down.
Just thought I'd give you a quick note. Tonight. At 11:12PM. After eating far too much red velvet cake. With cream cheese frosting. Which is, by-the-way, my other lover. For some reason red velvet is synonymous with sexy. Sexy cake. Haha wow, it's late. Moving on...
1. Jude is crawling. LEGITIMATELY CRAWLING. No training wheels on this kid. Not sure what crawling training wheels would be. Maybe a small skateboard wheel superglued to his forehead so his feet wouldn't have to do all the work. 
2. My mom is coming on Wednesday! I'm super super super stoked. It is kind of weird to see her sometimes though. Since I'm starting to realize my aging process has begun, every time I see my mom it's kind of eire. Like looking into the future. 
3. I start training for my little job next week. More of them dolla bills?: Plus. Not seeing Jude for 8 hours once or twice a week?: Probably the most devastating thing I can think of. In my world, every thing would be free. Ha..hello communism. Or is it socialism? Natalie, ask Grant. 
4. Stake Conference was absolutely amazing. Our leaders taught us to stand in holy places, and to do so we need to concentrate on making our homes better sanctuaries for our families to grow spiritually. One of my favorite quotes: "Turn off the TV. Fill your homes with sweet music and scriptures." 
5. I've mastered the big, cone-shaped bun. And I've strategically placed it on top of my head to draw your eyes away from the fat-lady belly I created this weekend with an unhealthy consumption of kettle chips, dark chocolate, and those IKEA meatballs and cream sauce. 
6. Oh yeah, and as of tonight, Jude is pulling himself up in his crib. I walked by his room tonight and just about choked on my ice cream sandwich. I found the crazy animal standing up in his crib while curiously looking over the edge. I felt like screaming, "Don't do it, buddy! Not when you haven't lived!..."
It's 11:35PM. Yes, it took me 23 minutes to write that gob of nonsense. And, yes, I had to confide in my dashboard calculator to subtract 35 from 12 for me. 
Big whoop.
'Till tomorrow. Sleep tight! Pray I don't wake up to a loud thunk originating from Jude diving head first out of the crib. 


  1. Communism. Although it could just be the law of consecration. I'm telling you, Jesus is coming back before they are teenagers. I'm not dealing with a house full of hormonal girls!

  2. YUM red velvet cupcake sounds delicious! and YAY for Jude crawling and pulling up :)

  3. LOL! you crack me up :) "not when you haven't lived!" haha! Glad he decided to just check out the ground with his eyes instead of his head :) And I tell ya, the day Brooks pulled himself up on his crib railings I was right there with ya and about ready to lounge forward to save him (from what? lol) and cheer him on at the same time cause he was such a strong boy! :)

    and Jude's crawling already! GO J-MAN! :)

    and I'm so glad Stake Conference was so wonderful! loved that simple, yet powerful quote :)


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