Thursday, September 1, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Haven't done this in awhile..hold on tight:
-The skills test for renewing my CPR certification. There's no need to ask, "Hey, hey, are you okay??!!" to a plastic human, chopped in half. I think that's as far gone as it gets.  
-Being asked a totally unanticipated question during a job interview and completely blanking out. "Umm..sorry..I just lost my train of thought....just give me a minute (or 5). 
-The awkward meals we've eaten the past couple of nights due to our empty fridge. Ok...we can have corn on the cob and scrambled eggs for dinner or refried beans and blackberries.
-Casually running my fingers through my hair while deciding on which sandwich to order and simultaneously pulling out a chunk of hair...and feeling everyone's eyes watch where I'm going to put it. This post-partum hair loss thing is getting a little out of control.
-Changing Jude's dirty shirt before leaving the house, only to discover while out that the new shirt was also dirty. I promise my kid isn't homeless...
-This picture my brother posted on Facebook of my 11-year old membership into a club my sister and I and two friends founded: the S-club 4 (remember S-club 7?? We weren't very original). Yeah, ok, get over it: I was chubby and only shopped in the Old Navy boy's section. I also think that Willy Wonka got his hair inspiration from me. You're welcome you creepy man. (p.s. Why am I the secretary?? I was at least a year older than all of these girls. Way to aim high, 11 yr old self)

-I got a job! I'm working on-call for an assisted living facility!..No experience my ace. 
-Jude is almost crawling! Seriously, I think in a week he'll have it down...and everything else in my house. 
-Jude is also eating his rice cereal like a pro! He opens his mouth real big, snaps his face forward, and gobbles it right off the spoon. I can't wait to see how he handles green beans...
-My mom is coming in two weeks for a visit! We're going to eat lots of food, go shopping, see movies, have late-night tea and cookies--it's going to be awesome! 
-I bought a massive seedless watermelon from Walmart yesterday for $3.50! This is all I'm going to be eating for the next little while...
-I got assigned to do my clinical hours this fall in the progressive care unit at Southwest! I'm STOKED! I can't believe I've been out of the hospital as long as I have. 
-Lastly, I thought I'd give a shout-out to my hot husband for losing 10 lbs! What a hard worker...I thought you might crack while withdrawing from Oreos, but you stuck with it. LOVE YOU. 


  1. um oh my gosh i love you girl! i'm also mother hubbard with no food in my cupboards...or fridge. and for real i HATE the post-partum hair loss. i was at the pediatrician's in the foyer and i was stroking my hair and a clump came out. and i totally felt like everyone was watching me! and i've one time found a hair in everton's diaper! SO annoying!

  2. SO many awesome things!! and the post partum hair loss is the worst but it gets better!! :)

  3. awesome A&A :) sorry about the hair situation at the sandwich shop!! been there! and i had to laugh a little imagining the stellar awkwardness that went down while you figured out where to put your hair. lol ;) I guess God gave us hair thinning to make it so we'd have less to manage once we had our little ones to take care of...personally, i'd take my full head of high maintenance hair back any day ;)

    and yay for getting the job!!! good luck girl! you'll do great :)


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