Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Last of the Visit

My mom just left this morning--the house is so quiet and feels like we're missing someone. Jude misses his grandma already. Here's the rest of the pics from our fun time together. It was so sad to say goodbye this morning--as we never know when we'll see each other next--but I am so grateful for the time she was able to spend with us and Jude. 
Last night we went to THE crepe place in Portland. On the left: pear, walnut, and brie crepe. On the right: banana, nutella, almonds and whipped cream crepe. HEAVEN. Simply heaven. 
Jude slept the whole time. So from like 5-7:30pm. He didn't go
to bed till like 10 last night. 

We hit up some VooDoo for mom to bring back to
the other siblings. 

I think it's a ghost voodoo doll. not sure. 

They cuddled lots before Jude went to bed. 

Oh, and guess what??

Jude finally got his hair cut! I'm not going to lie, I get very
teary-eyed about this. All of his newborn hair is gone!
Doesn't he just look like a little boy now??? It's alright. Don't cry. 


  1. ehhhhhhhhhhhh i'm getting sad about everton's hair! it's getting sooooo long :( we will have to cut it sometime soon. jude looks so handsome.

  2. Item 1. The kid is adorable. Love his expressions. Mini Adam.
    Item 2. I love moms! Mine incoming to visit this thurs and I couldn't be more excited!
    Item 3. Why do moms ever have to leave? I told kris if he dies I'm moving back in with my mom.
    Item 4. Voo doo- bomb. Keep Portland weird. Where is this crepe place???

  3. that pear, walnut, and brie crepe needs to get in my belly. asap. Yay for crepes, donuts, sweet moms/grandmas, and adorable growing baby boys!! It's always so sad to say goodbye to my mom...i feel ya girl. thank goodness for phones and video chat! :)

  4. PS - i think i just realized something!!! Last Friday night my phone turned off and wouldn't come back on (sad day)...and I just got a replacement this afternoon. I'm just now syncing it to my computer to get the contacts and everything... but earlier today I got a text from an unknown number about a mom being in town and canning and I wasn't ure who it was... but it hit me!! was it you??? I'm so sorry, I hope you figured it out! :)

  5. okay..third comment in a row. I look like a stalker. oh well :) just wanted to drop in and say the blog world misses ya!! and i agree with your suggestion of the Brit+baby J+ baby B+ Haley date. and soon. <3


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