Friday, October 28, 2011

Hey Jude, It's Mom Again

Hey Jude,

Mom has two 12 hour clinical shifts at the hospital this weekend. Her shifts start at 6:30AM and go until 7PM. When she leaves in the morning you're asleep, and she's been afraid that by the time she comes home you'll be asleep--meaning that, by the end of these two days, I wouldn't have seen you for over 48 hours--which makes mommy very sad. 
I got home around 7:30PM tonight, tired and sleepy, and assuming that you had fallen asleep awhile ago. But to my surprise, as I opened the door, you were awake, standing up, and squealing, laughing, and smiling at me! It warmed my heart. 
We played, laughed, and cuddled until you went to sleep. 
I missed you, buddy. Should we stay up late again tomorrow night? 
I think so. 


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