Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy iPhone Eve

Late last night while Adam was finishing up some work and I was, well, you know, on Pinterest, Adam turned to me and whispered in a majestic, 8-year-old-about-to-get-a-Furby, voice "It's almost iPhone eve." 
Adam and I (mostly Adam) have been waiting for a long, long time for the day we could both get iPhones and they come in the mail tomorrow!
Be prepared for even more massive video and picture overload.
I. am. stoked. 

I can't wait to say, "Siri: Where's the closest donut shop?"


  1. Tell me when you find some bomb donuts.

  2. 8-year-old-about-to-get-a-furby voice...HAHAHA! Sounds like both of our Adams were on the same giddy level about the newest apple addition ;) And don't you just love Siri??? I was hesitant because I usually suck at voice command features in general, but she's pretty awesome and works great. Hope you've found some good donut shops :)

    and bring on the photos and videos!! :)


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