Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lately...from the new toy

a) Mommy and Jude after church after he got changed into the always ghetto extra set of clothes at the bottom of the diaper bag in case he wets through his cute church clothes--so obviously, he wet through his cute church clothes. 
b. Seeing Jude for the first time in 24 hours. The longest we've ever gone, bud. Darn those 12 hour clinical shifts. 
c. Daddy and Jude went to a cool antique store while I was away all Saturday. 
d. Adam and I finally had another date night--sans the child--and saw Captain America at the cheap theatre. $6 AND we got a free movie ticket with our rewards card. Guess we know what we're doing NEXT date night too...
e. Here's how the conversation went:

Britney: Let's take a picture. 
Adam: OK. 
Britney: Ok, ready?
Adam: Yeah.
..right before the picture is taken..
Adam: toots.

Sometimes he make things so difficult. 
e. It was chilly in our house (for reals, I'm totally obsessed with our
electric bill)--plus I just wanted him to wear his cute hat :)
f. When Jude was just a little newborn he HAY.TED. being naked. Now he can't get enough of it. And neither can we :)

1 comment:

  1. My goodness! your little Jude is looking more and more like his beautiful mama!! :)

    Glad you had a date night with your hubs! How was Captain America? :)

    The commentary of the pictures of you two are hi-larious!! teehee ;)

    And that one picture of Jude playing with the toys on the's sweet simplicity took my breath away :)

    and YES I love me some naked babes!!!!!! Brooks is the same way...seriously gets so excited when I get him down to his diaper, and pretty much crazy when he gets down to nothing ;)


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