Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Girl's Night

My darling friend Clara Cowie's husband had a night shift at work last night and so we thought we'd keep her and her little Lydia company by having a girl's night!
Our night's agenda featured that of any 13-year-old slumber party: hideous face masks, mani's/pedi's, Clueless, and a table full of junk food...although one perk of being a grownup is that our romantic conversations are on a totally different level than talking about the boy that Carly was currently holding hands with and what exactly he meant by "catch ya later." Let me tell you, 13 and 14 year-old girls--you just WAIT. Girl's night gets better when you're older ;)
I think mine made me look like Jason.
Good thing Halloween's coming up, huh?
"Hello girls, welcome to my party." 
And this is just a random pic of Jude with a cracker. There
was no way I could totally leave him out. 

Favorite movie quotes:
Cher: Christian, what do you think of Amber?
Christian: Hagsville.

Cher: Would you call me selfish?
Dionne: No, not to your face.

Cher's dad: Anything happens to my daughter, I got a .45 and a shovel, I doubt anybody would miss you.

Cher: He does dress better than I do, what would I bring to the relationship?

Cher: If it's a concussion, you have to keep her conscious, okay? Ask her questions. 
Elton: What's seven times seven? 
Cher: Stuff she knows. 


  1. haha i love that movie, i come away from it saying, "AS IF!" for awhile.

  2. how fun!! seriously girls nights should be required amongst us mommies :) and oh what'd I'd give to have a girls night with you! :) "He does dress better than I do, what would I bring to the relationship?" made me laugh out loud!!! haHA Love that movie =)


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