Friday, April 6, 2012

I Wonder

I wrote this last night, but had issues getting it to publish. Now, you get to enjoy my 12am squirreliness 12 hours later.

I wonder if Janice from "Mean Girls" is in anything else. 
I wonder if Cadbury Creme Eggs are actually made with cream since they're spelled "creme."
I wonder if pomegranate juice actually makes your boobs bigger. 
I wonder if people still shop at Aeropostale. 
I wonder if hip-huggers (aka "lovehandle poppers") will ever come back. 
I wonder if laughing too hard bursts brain cells. 
I wonder if lips develop kissing muscle memory. 
I wonder if Adam really means it when he says "I don't care if your legs are hairy." 
I wonder if McDonalds fries are actually fried potatoes. 
I wonder if feeding Jude cheese 20 times a day is sabotaging his hypothetical diet.
I wonder if I should buy an expensive camera. Who wouldn't want to see my pores up-close in 20 years?
I wonder if diet soda really makes you fat. And diabetic. Fat AND diabetic. 
I wonder if Jude knows what he's sitting in during a bath. 
I wonder if my arteries are clogging. 
I wonder if Adam will go bald. 
I wonder if Adam bald will freak me out. 
I wonder if bacteria speak their own language. 
I wonder if the old man down the way needs an heir to his possible fortune. 
I wonder what I would look like in leather pants.  
I wonder if I cut my hair short if Adam would stop telling people I'm his wife. 
I wonder if I should go to bed.
I'm going to bed.
After Mean Girls.

Boo you whore.


  1. Janice did a guest spot on New Girl!
    Also this made me laugh so much.

  2. Adam doesn't like your hairy legs. He told me.

  3. Hahahaha...this post was AMAZING. After further blog stalking, I've discovered we're Portland buddies! In fact, I even used to teach at LO Junior High. Basically, we should be bff and then we can tell everyone we met on the internet. Ha!

    p.s. One time Regina George punched me in the face. It was AWESOME.

  4. YES. This post made me all sorts of happy. Love your wonder-ings :)

    "Janice" was Nick's girlfriend for a few episodes in New Girl!! Sadly, I'm kind of glad they didn't work out because I had Janice in my head the whoooooole time watching it. Lol

    And cheese...oh Jude you're a lucky little man ;)

    Pomegranate juice?? For reals?? After I finish breast feeding Ava I'll be putting down that stuff like there's no tomorrow ;) (prayers that it's true. Teehee)


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