Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Saturday in the sun

Saturday was a beautiful, warm, sunny day in the NW, so we snatched up one of these rare occasions by taking our little moon pie over to the park :)

It was Jude's first time on the swings and he couldn't have been more of a ham swinging those little porky legs back and forth! Not to mention kicking his little pint-sized soccer ball--he's completely obsessed! 
Afterward, we walked over to the store and bought some seeds to plant herbs on our balcony....annnnnnd I think that's going to be the extent of our garden this year. 
Adam and I ended the day by Grandpa and Nana watching the little guy while he and I went out...on a pretty lame date. 
Sorry, hun. 
But ghetto Chinese buffet and a trip to Goodwill just isn't going to cut it for the next 60 years. 
fondue! fondue! fondue!


  1. Looks like a super-fun day at the park! You have a cute fam!!! :)


  2. For the love...it's been much too long since I've stopped by your lovely place here in blogland :) I've missed it!!

    YAY FOR SUN!!! Glad you guys took advantage of it and went to the park together :) your Jude bug in the swing is ridiculously cute. Oh and the pic of him and that hot mom of his....LOVE it :)

    Oh and yay for dates! I have to admit fondue would trump a Chinese buffet in my book...BUT topping it off with a trip to Goodwill like you guys did would pretty much rock my world :)

  3. These pictures are ADORABLE:) Don't you just love park days??? And... yea. YAY FOR SUN!

  4. You Have NIce family ........



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