Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday!

I worked this beautiful and sunny Easter morning and was unable to attend church services. As the elderly persons of my facility made their ways out and about today, my heart grew heavy as I watched them all in their Sunday best, paying special attention to wearing pastel pinks, purples, and greens. I greatly felt as though I was missing out on a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth. But as I walked the halls, cleaning wounds, providing pain relief, and talking with those who were unable to spend the day with family, I felt the warm presence of the Holy Spirit bearing witness of the Savior's life of service, and how he provided relief to the sick and afflicted during His life. I knew that at that moment I was doing something that the Savior Himself would be doing if He were here right now. 
I bear witness that He lives, that on the third day after His death He broke the bonds of death and provided a way for us to return and live with our loving, compassionate, and kind Father in Heaven. Because of Him I am so happy, and I can live with my absolutely brilliant little family again :)

After work, we enjoyed a delicious Easter dinner with my sister-in-law and her husband and 3 darling little ones! Jude and Daddy both got new shirts and ties (helloooo baby bow tie!) and mommy put on her first adult pink dress. Not sure how I feel about it quite yet, but I'll get used to it :)
Hope you all had a beautiful Easter!


  1. absolutely love the way you captured these pictures and especially loved your darling outfits, your dress is darling. We enjoyed having easter dinner with you and handsome lil Jude always crazy with us but delicious. Happy Easter Love you

  2. Adorable pictures and adorable family:) I love that you made today special even when you had to work and be away from family and church!

  3. Brit your experience at the hospital is inspiring. I know you at first missed your fam & the chance to be at church on Easter Sunday, but you are SO right in that Christ would absolutely be helping and loving the sick and wounded, both physically and spiritually. What a tender experience.

    Your family's Easter outfits are fabulous!! I think I said it on FB already...but your pink dress is GORGEOUS. Live the print :) and you've got two handsome young men on your hands :) And on the flip side, they have one incredibly good looking woman :)


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