Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bon appétit!

Today is my sweet friend Alysha's birthday and we decided to celebrate by gorging ourselves on pastries at an absolutely exquisite French patisserie down town. 
Oh. My. 
Saint Honore: You had me at "Tarte Pont Neuf Blueberry." 

(Jude loved pushing our friend Liz's little boy around the cafe--he's obsessed with anything on wheels!) 
Happy birthday, Alysha! Thanks for making it delicious for the both of us! 


  1. i love the name jude! and i also love food! so i like this post a whole lot!

    it's so hard to drop money on a bike. but let me tell you, we use it soo much. even if it's for a quick 10 mins on our street in the pitch black so we can chat about our days. you wont regret it!


  2. what is this magical place??? oh my deliciousness!!!!!!
    xo TJ

  3. Jude is adorable! But seriously, where is this place located? Looks wayyy good.

  4. Get.in.my.belly. Delicious pastries, good friends, and cute babes...perfect afternoon :)


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