Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Wishlist

While on my break during work today, I got an email from, kindly informing me that their fall "New Arrivals" are in stock. At first I thought, "Psht, heck yes. This is happening." I scrolled through the pretty new sweaters and plush coats and scarves, only to realize that I wasn't getting the same rush I usually do. You know that if-I-wear-this-I-will-live-forever-in-an-endless-fall-Gap-catalogue high. Instead, I was left wanting more.
And then I clicked on the baby section and my wishlist went from a chunky oatmeal sweater to I'm basically going naked this fall.
Any mom can testify that squeezing a chunky baby, soft in fall fleece and beanies--while watching their little marshmallow butt-cheeks run around the house--is for some reason far more gratifying than buying stuff for themselves.
Gosh, we're just so selfless. 
Anyway, here's my ever-growing Gap wishlist for the little man this fall: 
Adam said that little lamb beanie is too girly. Gosh, is my little guy really a little guy now?
I guess so.
No more unisex accessories, I suppose. 


  1. i get these feelings with anthro when I go into the store and by the time i leave, i do not buy anything because of the guilt i feel of how expensive it is! The lamb beanie is not girly.. it is kinda freaky

  2. i get such a thrill buying clothes for everton now than for me.

  3. oh those awesome/cursed emails...luckily I'm too afraid to buy clothing online without trying them on (unless a crocheted beanie counts;) Those little man pieces are fantastic! Oh you always dress Jude so cute, err, I mean ridiculous handsome. :) I'm dieing over the denim jacket, drawstring sweats, and flannel hoodie.


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