Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lake George 2012

Believe it or not, there will most likely be another post about Lake George in addition to this one. There are just far too many special and awkward moments to share to leave it all up to one post. 
We love Lake George. My family goes every year and we try our hardest each August to attend. This year, we enjoyed lots of boating, island-hopping, picnicking, swimming, eating, laughing, hiking, and shuffle-boarding. Jude had a blast at the little beach down the road and we also enjoyed the company of Bryon's girlfriend, Courtney, aka BFF from Jersey, and Mom's BFF, Grace, during the week. I'm convinced this place is the most beautiful in all the world. And each year our plans for staying and never leaving become more elaborate than the last and always include me as the school nurse and Adam as that weird guy that gives watercolor lessons. 
We're an ambitious group. 

Oh, George. How we love you.


  1. Can we go on an adventure together? Move here. Stat. (otherwise we will be there @ Christmas and I do not care what you say. We are going out. Quadruple date (Mary & Zane, Me & Kris, Phil & Jess, you guys)

  2. first, just to get it off of my chest, I'm already jealous at the idea of a fun group date at Christmas that Cath suggested. *sigh*

    What a ball!! Lake George looks incredible, and enjoying it with family, perfection. :) That small-floral-print suit, WHERE did you get it?? And that last picture of you, Adam, and Jude. your smiles are contagious!


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