Monday, September 10, 2012

The Last of The Vacation..

-Uncle Bryon and Jude are the best of friends. Not photoed is the two of them cuddling and watching Sesame Street on the iPad while I hold back tears from all the cuteness. 
-Visiting Great-Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma's holding a box of chocolates there and saying, "Jude, you want one? Grandma says you can have one." 
-Trying to intimidate Great-Grandpa into letting him play with his cool phone. 
-Collecting rocks at Slim Point and running away when at all possible.
-Imitating the snobby waitresses at some European cafe in Manhattan. 

Since being home we've detoxed from eating 8 meals a day, including the pre-breakfast warmup each morning of chocolate cake and Twizzlers. And more recently, our kitchen counter has become the new up-and-coming place for swarms of fruit flies due to our current fruit-picking addiction and inability to do the dishes before bed. 
But all-in-all, it's good to be home. 


  1. These pics are fab. You looks radiant as ever and Jude just keeps getting cuter and cuter

  2. what an awesome vacation. so sad that summer's over! everton and i really need to meet that cream puff! and i seriously love his board shorts

  3. That fourth picture cracked me up ;) looks like Jude is saying "let me show you how it's done gramps" :P

    Isn't it incredible watching your little guy interact with you family?? So glad you had such an awesome time back east!

    And the snobby waitress?? No bueno. Your impression?? Muy bueno. :)


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