Monday, September 17, 2012

Reunited with an old friend..

A few months ago we gave Jude's good pal, James, our trusty-old Radio Flyer to push around while he learned how to walk. James and his mommy just returned it to us yesterday and it's been a sweet reunion.
All day today he's been in-and-out of Radio--having me push him around and standing up, yelling triumphantly, "I did it!"
Yes, yes you did.  

I feel like that first picture is him just saying, "Mom, where the heck has Radio been all this time?"


  1. this kid is a stud. Love it. So glad he finally has his fave back. lots of memories with me pushing james around in that thing!

  2. oh my sweetness. yay for old toys becoming new again!! it's christmas in september! :) and you rock to let phil's little guy use it to help him get walking :)


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