Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Legends Never Die

Yesterday after church, Adam and Jude had a little fun together, which ended up finishing off with a scene from The Exorcist. I seriously don't know what's up with this kid, but he can't not show off on video--if "showing off" is what you want to call it.
Enjoy, and happy Monday! 


  1. I don't want to worry you, but to test a dog's intelligence, you put a blanket on it's head and see how long it takes it to get it off. hahahaha. I love Jude. He's hilarious.

  2. hahahaha these are my favorite kind of vids, the ones with a surprise at the end! i love jude too! soooo cute and chounkey!

  3. he and brooks must've had the same game plan!! brooks threw up twice saturday and once sunday...major projectile. and our friend/doctor totally made a comment joking about it being straight exorcist-like after we showed him a photo of little B's deed! haha!

    But aside from his awesome climax at the end ;) That video is adorable! I love how Jude wiggled and wiggled to get out from under the blanket, and then he was SO excited to see his mama and dada's faces! :)

  4. okay this was great, as is the picture below haha too fuuny! Loving your blog! New follower over here :)


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