Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Update (Part 1)

Oh. My.
Here's to updating you on our recent happenings (and this is only the half of it): 
-We moved to Hillsboro, Oregon at the end of November when our lease was up because Jude was kind of dying for more space. We miss Lake Oswego TERRIBLY, but being able to chase Jude around this big living room is kind of priceless. 
-Adam and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary in the beginning of December. I just love that man and how hard he works to be a great husband, father and provider. Quite honestly, I feel as though he doesn't even try...he's just so good at it. 
-We decorated our new place for Christmas and Jude just loved throwing and destroying all of the shiny ornaments.
-I graduated with my bachelors of science in nursing in the middle of last month. That picture of me I took to record the craziest and busiest semester I've had in a very long time. So glad that's over. 
-We took photos for our yearly Christmas card--which we never mailed out. We're 4-0 baby. Perfect record ;).
-Jude and I then flew out to PA to visit my family. And he did great, by the way. 
-Big brother graduated from college. And Grandpa Burwell was not going to let Jude have even just a moment with that camera. 
-We ate so much at Grandma's that Jude got stuck in the playhouse in nursery. 
-He and Grandma are BFF's because she has cupcakes. 
-I even got to meet up with some hotties from home :)
-And Aunt Briana and I couldn't help but be those weird sisters who wear matching makeup. 

I realized that we have moved to a new place for the past three winters. Kill me's never happening again. 

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