Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Great Grandparents

This Christmas Day was spent at our darling Grandma and Grandpa Handley's house. These are Jude's great-grandparents and I feel so blessed that they are part of his life. They are unsurpassed examples of love, family, sacrifice, and everything I hope to be and for Adam and I to have in our relationship--and Jude just loves them. :)
Also, they have the most epic love story--a story of which we'll save for another time. 
Imagine boy meets girl (while in uniform), boy sails away to war, he comes back and the rest is history. 
These photos just bring tears to my eyes. If you only knew my Grandpa, with his sweet, cheesy humor and unpredictable kisses for Grandma, kisses of which almost always sweep her off her feet--you know, the kind where she's reduced to giggling like a little girl, after which proclaiming, "I thought he wouldn't ever stop!"
And Grandma, oh Grandma. She is the warmest, loveliest, and kindest woman in the world. Whenever I'm in the kitchen I think, "What would Grandma do?", and I'm always successful in making something delicious. 
And they were so sweet while playing with Jude. 
Grandpa made him laugh constantly, and Grandma played Mr. Potato Head and fed him so many snacks and treats that I'm pretty sure Jude ate breakfast, lunch and dinner just in one morning. ;) 

Yup. Tears. 

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  1. What a sweet post. I can see from the photos that they are sweet as can be! I love that you captured this


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