Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Messes

Sometimes I get mini-anxiety attacks when our house is out of order. You know, those moments when you realize that it's been days since all of the pots and pans were first placed in the kitchen sink, because we would all rather smell rotting scrambled eggs than to just roll up our sleeves and take care of business? And on top of other things, the little one is running around with something sticky on his face, and it isn't until he rubs his face into the couch that you realize it's leftover peanut butter and jelly from lunch. ahhhhhhh...just breathe...

But these kinds of messes? These messes are okay with me. 
They're happy messes. And they're there to show the world that a toddler lives here.
And he's apparently having the time of his life. 


  1. This is adorable:) You are such a sweet mom.

  2. ball of anxiety RIGHT HERE. i think i'm still learning that i have a boy and that boys do indeed make/love messes.

  3. Oh my that is such the life everyday for me. Wait till you have 3 kids hahaha. They are cute though

  4. Oh Britney, totally feel you on this. Except my mini anxiety attacks are the mini version of mini, if that makes sense (I tell Adam all the time I wish I had more of a drive to keep our house clean and orderly). I struggle most with the fact that the time it takes to clean a room is double the time it takes to turn it upside down and make it look like a tornado came through.

    But that picture...it's perfect. Like you said, it's the happy messes that show our children are learning and exploring and being happy. :) thanks for this post.


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