Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh Hey

I took a leave of absence, but I'm back. For good. Pinky promise.
The last two months have been one of the busiest of my life, but they have yielded incredible blessings and joyful memories, especially during the holidays. 
And looking back at everything, I've come to a very simple conclusion: I've got it made. Somebody upstairs has been unbelievably good to me and I credit every good thing in my life to Him.

So, first of all, Happy New Year! 
Ahhhhh a fresh start. It's that time of year where we've reevaluated our lives and made goals for personal betterment. There's a beautiful thing in that.
My resolutions? 
Consume less cholesterol. 
But somehow eat more chocolate. 
Incorporate new and exciting ways for Jude to learn new things. 
Cook more. 
Sprout bigger boobs. 
Save up for a second car. I mean, Adam on a little scooter is cute, but come on. 
Work on my fitness. 
Read. More. Books. The classics have been calling out my TV-stoned name. 
Date Adam more meaningfully. Putting Jude down early and watching The Lord of the Ring's is getting old. 
Become more motivated to be more spiritual.
Look for ways to reach out and help those around me daily. 
Convince Adam that we need a soft serve ice-cream machine. Sooooooon. 
Like I said, I'm back. And I've decided to dedicate the rest of the week to updating you on all of the stuff we've been up to. I can't even believe how much has happened. And, no, I'm not with child. :-P 

And just for now, he's a few photos of Jude's Christmas present that came late (yesterday) due to spending Christmas in Pennsylvania. We decided it was time for his very own table and chairs when he was determined that the new subwoofer for the TV was purchased specifically to rest his round tush on. 

He's pretty stoked. See you tomorrow :) 


  1. Yes, friend.I am so excited you are back. PS.I have already tried the "sprouting bigger boobs thing."It does not work.But,a girl can dream. DREAM BIG

  2. i've missed your posts! i need to read more books too. with my family here we just watch movies all day, but when they leave i'm excited to just relax and read. love jude's table! they're so cute sitting in little chairs!


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