Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pacific NW Winter Survival

Basically, all day, everyday consists of us trying to beat cabin fever and keeping things interesting while being inside 24/7. I'm under the impression that Mother Nature breakups with either Bradley Cooper or Ryan Reynolds this time every year in the Pacific Northwest, which is made painfully obvious by her wearing of the same ugly, grey sweatshirt every freaking day for months and how she can't keep from either crying or sweating large drops of cold hatred daily. Don't get me wrong: this area is gorgeous. But I mean, I don't mind looking like a vampire--especially if it means I can be a big-boobed, sultry vampire--but as of right now, I'm the vampire who's wearing way too much clothing and unable to get off the couch unless goaded with nachos or a big chocolate chip cookie. Anyway, the little dude had been taking this winter like a champ. So in honor of his unconquerable spirit and being oblivious to the fact that he hasn't been outside in days, here he is.

That last pic is priceless. Don't worry: he wasn't dead, although it was somewhat concerning when he conked out in two seconds flat after getting through six pages of "Of Mice and Men."


  1. He is the cutest! Hope to meet him someday!xo

  2. Vampires are hot. Keep being a vampire.

  3. Every child should get to have a burgerville milkshake whilst taking a bath...this means you're a good momma.


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