Saturday, January 5, 2013

Today at Powell's

Adam and I are trying to be more attentive parents. We're trying to move from, "Hey, there's a child over there. Is he safe? Yup. Okay, let's get back to New Girl," to, "I'm so busy playing with my kid 10/7 that I don't even know how to turn the thing on (he's only awake for a total of 10 hours a day, k?)." 
And since I haven't had a Saturday off from work in awhile, and one of our resolutions for this new year is to take Jude to the library more often, we decided that this morning was as good as any to get started--and what better place to go than Powell's City of Books?
Also, we're just so awesome that we arrived unexpectedly, and just in time for story time :) 
An event of which Jude couldn't have cared less about. 

We also stopped at Little Big Burger on our way out. Because who doesn't need a burger and fries at 11AM? 


  1. I want to explore Powell's next time that I am home. Looks fun!


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