Friday, August 12, 2011

Hey Jude

Hey Jude,

Daddy worked from home today. 
For a little while you decided you were going to be his chubby little assistant. 

Later, during your lunch break, we went swimming.  

But just a couple minutes ago, Daddy had to say goodbye for the evening. 
So, it's just you and me, pumpkin, livin' it up on a Friday night. 
Got any ideas? 

I think snuggling up at 8 o'clock with a cup of tea and 
The Lion King sounds about right. 


  1. oh that first picture is to die for! :) i've taken a few of baby B with daddy-o on the computer...i love how Jude was his assistant.

    and you are one hot smokin' momma out in the pool with your little fish :)

    hope you & Jude had a fun night :) Your plan to snuggle & watch Lion King sounds perfect to me :) that movie is classic!...brooks would love it (movies must have music for him;)

    And it made me so happy to read about your sweet Grandma Handley...i bet you're so excited for the holidays to come around for you to bake up all of her sweet treats :) Hope you get to see her! And i'm going to have to remember her egg trick! Every bit of every ingredient in baking counts...for sure :)

  2. Great to see you guys! Adam...thanks so much for the print! Your talent is amazing! And Brittany, you are lucky to have a husband that can design all the art for your home :-) Little Jude is adorable!

  3. Aw, these are so cute! I love your swimsuit! Just you wait 'till he's a toddler, he'll be stepping on and hitting that laptop ;)


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